The Almanac of What a Man Needs to Know: MADRAS

MADRAS, or madras fabric, is a collection of colorful plaid areas raised with each other into one garment made of light-weight cotton. You know right stuff … it’s all over these days and with springtime and summertime nearby it’s a perfect no brainer for your summertime lineup.


I have to be straightforward. I really did not constantly get madras, I believed it was tacky, stupid, and merely simple deferred (that comment is not directed to Sarah Palin). I have dim memories of my grandfather taking me to the park using ankle-high white socks with madras shorts– and for a long time this has actually been my take on it: things aged folks wear.

But this is 2010, and things aged individuals put on (or put on) is hot, fashionable, and all the rage. Clothiers are supplying such oddities (they would certainly have been difficult to locate a mere 4 years ago) such as sock garters, collar keeps and braces (suspenders) of all colours and persuasions.

So why not madras?

The transfer to make madras cool in the mainstream and in main-street begun in earnest some 4 to 5 years ago when the New England-preppy look filteringed system below somewhere around the Kennedy mixture in Cape Cod to the stores of Nyc City and Miami by means of Gap, Abrercrombie & Fitch and J. Team. During that time most madras items limited themselves to shorts and the periodic trousers however not too long afterwards Ralph Lauren had an admired madras assault on the runway and madras came to be cool, very amazing. However much better yet, madras is awesome to wear, and by this I imply comfortable.


A light-weight pair of madras shorts, or pants for that issue, are hardly ever lined hence making using a set no unlike going ‘mando. Truthfully, they’re very comfortable. Yet, in reality, why wear madras? Why not? You put on madras for the very same reason you paint your face in prep work for your football group’s big game, or for the same factor you bedazzle the beyond your house (or your home window pane) in colorful little lights around December, or why you choose to obtain actually drunk and illuminate fireworks at New Year’s: due to the fact that you can.

And it is since you could there are myriad of silly point that we can wear in the summer that make it fun (yes, even more fun than the seaside). In this arena there exists things like linen, vibrantly colored trousers, seersucker, gingham shorts, and white (bunches of it without looking like a gigolo). That’s the whole point, “cuz you can.”.

The Key to Madras: Self-confidence.
Like so lots of things in “fashion” (or like so numerous points in life) half of being able to draw it off is assurance. So if you’re new to madras begin slow-moving– do not make your first attempt a madras meet, or you will certainly look like a clown, pertained to think about it no one need to ever before, ever, use a complete madras match. Begin with a pair of shorts. This is simple– wear with a white t-shirt or golf shirt. Madras has enough shade, so I would insight the following: constantly use a madras item in contrast with solids, i.e. a madras coat with white trousers and a light colored polo. Play off the smaller sized colours of the madras, the yellows, blues and so on. If you’re the squeamish kind no concerns, a madras tie could look excellent with as conservative as a look as white pants and naval force blazer. Practice, and do it and if anyone asks you why you’re using madras let him or her “… considering that I could …”.


The Almanac of What a Man Needs to Know: Packing for a Short Trip

AMONG a Gent’s biggest “synthetic pas” is his lack of ability to appropriately load. Permit us specify this. Many guys don’t stuff well, for a personal or office trip because they:.

The Archetype.
a) Overpack.

b) Underpack.

c) Overstuff.

d) Include a bag a ton of clothes that don’t make good sense (let’s see, three days; one set of pleated khakis, a brownish belt, white socks, black shoes or sneakers, a couple random t-shirts and possibly a pair of two of underclothing.).

This is not just how it’s done.

Guy should discover exactly what ladies have known for years ‘pack by attire’. Ok, most men quiver at the word “clothing” so just how regarding “appearance” or “getup”? Throwing random spunk in a bag makes the Young Gent and Older Statesman alike look, well, random and schleppy. Ergo, there are sessions to be trained right here:.

1) Pack for the days you’ll be abroad and don’t forget, a lot of resorts have laundry solution- whether business or satisfaction:.

4- outing? To load:.

Button-down shirts: (3-4), keep them easy: white (2), blue, blue removed (1) and another thing.
Polo shirt: (1) if you’ll have any kind of downtime, a Polo is additionally the very best thing to use throughout trips.
1 pair of pants.
1 pair of trousers (be it khakis or the ever-versatile gray pants).
A belt (brown footwears on the travel= brownish belt / black footwears on the journey= black belt, oh and forgo the kahkis in this instance).
A blue blazer/jacket (due to the fact that you can toss it on anything and you appear like a million bucks …).
Brown shoes (loafers= simple to tackle or off, on the aircraft, on the security line, or when you return to the resort).
A v-necks weater: it consistently gets cold on planes, certainly, if it’s not cool where you’re going you may intend to replace this with shorts.
Appears straightforward, however this suffices for any sort of man, from sartorially-shy to unabashed dandy. So, exactly how may clothing … er … getups do we have?

Have a business conference? Draw together the white button-down shirt, heaven blazer, gray trousers, and the brownish footwears= cool, comfy, however ideal. Heading out to supper at night? Slip on a pair of jeans and keep the jacket and t-shirt. Much more relaxeded? Simple, simply pull-on the sweater and leave the coat at the hotel. The following day, very same area, additional meetings- alternating the khakis this moment with the sweater if you put on the coat the previous day.


The Simple Look.
It should be claimed that the majority of this has to be neglected if one’s business calls for a match, where situation a naval force fit is most ideal and a straightforward addition (ie. The pants) to the listing; keep the brownish shoes, they make a sophisticated statement.

If the week calls for a vacation in Bali- then discard the above a few board shorts, some linen, espadrilles or flip-flops and a light cotton jacket is all you need.


Points to keep in mind to actually make it work:.

Acquire travel-size variations of your ‘guy things’ I.e. air freshener, shaving creams, hair shampoo etc. It’ll save a ton of room.
Keep the jacket solitary breast, single button, and slim (also if you’re not). Ditto with the trousers, cuff them if you must.
On the loafers: if you’re chunky and have medium to tiny feet (or merely the latter) forgo boxy shoes and at all prices, at least in the meantime, pass on anything resembling tassles or pennies.
Hang-up the tee shirts when you have the ability to the hotels and resort and maybe give them the old “run the hot-shower” steam therapy when you get in; you can likewise opt for ‘wrinkle-free’ which is not simply for LL. Grain nuts … look for the “non-iron” line from Brook’s Brothers.
Fold socks and underwear inside your shoes; you’ll conserve a lot of space.

What you need to know: Pairing Food and Wine


There is nothing more pleasantly pleasing compared to eating fried treats, whether fish and chips or pakoras, with a nice cold draft beer. The effervescence of the beer raises the fatty tissue off the palate and refreshes the palate between every crispy, succulent bite. But this is not “pairing” not in the timeless way. There is a distinction between chasing after a certain with meals that happens to be good (like beer with nearly every little thing, or sparkling water for that issue) and ‘matching’ in its pure form. For our objectives below we will certainly determine ‘matching’ or ‘pairing’ to the unbelievable impact that proper coupling has on the liquid being consumed with the food it is being consumed with and visa versa; in English: the wine makes the meals taste much better and the meals makes the wine preference much better. The vital word below is ‘much better’ in contrast to ‘different’; a mouthful of fresh chilies (or anything Thai for that matter) adhered to by a tannic Cabernet Sauvignon or Bordeaux will absolutely make both of them different, however in a very terrible, acrid method (in fact the capsaicin in the chili, the actual material which makes them spicy, responds chemically with astringent tannins naturally in large red wines to produce a taste and feeling in the mouth unlike sucking on metallic or chewing on light weight aluminum foil).

Paring is an art form, not a science and while some folks do it well, couple of, pros consisted of, do it remarkably well. The distinction in between a great pairing and an excellent pairing can be the lack or presence of a mild religious encounter; yet few ever reach it. Attempts, have obviously, been made to reach a formulaic concensus: ‘white wines with white meat and red wines with red …’ and so forth. These are handy and an excellent base, yet just what happens when chicken (a breast meat) is char-roated in a tandoor providing it a slight smokiness that is enlivned by masala? Sure some whites will certainly flourish (buttery chardonnay or huge Alsatian pinot gris), however some reds are better apt to tackle the robustness of a murg tikka (petit syrah, shiraz, zinfandel, Grenache etc). What occurs when the meat concerned, whether beef or otherwise, is simply cooked and shaken with coriander, lime juice, recently sliced onions, fish sauce and a hint of chilies? The inherent wualities of a red wine would argue unabashedly, like a joke in a funeral, with the level of acidity of the lime juice and the overall ‘eco-friendly’ tastes of the coriander- this is white wine terrirtoy all the way (Gruner Veltliner, Australian Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, white Bordeaux, qurily Italian whites et al.).

For each guideline there is an exemption, particularly in wine, nothing is well black or white, yet tones of gray. There are, of course, a couple methods to remember:.

The geography rule.
Like with like: the terroir-food concept.

Sancerre is a little village on the eastern- of the Loire river in eastern France. Fourteen towns are enabled to make the wine labeled as Sancerre and always if white, just made from Sauvignon Blanc. Among those towns takes place to be the community of Chavignol, residence of the world renowned hockey puck-shaped goat cheese; crottin du chavignol. The food matured around the standard tastes of the sorrounding locations wine culture and, however the wine was made within the context of the dominating meals culture and its tastes. Which is to say that there is no better pairing on the planet compared to a buful Crottin du Chavignol with a cold-blooded and flinty Sancerre. Certainly this could be extended to state that Sauvigon Blancs do very well with goat cheese overall; regardless of where celebrity or the saivnong blanc are from. Exactly what is the best wine with a tuscan meat? Tuscan wine. Exactly what does one finest join Shnitzel and kndoel? German wine, and so on. In Alsace the diet regimen conisits of mainly sausages, saur kraut and foie gras, the wine set, normally, effortlessly.

Context of where the wine is from and the sorrounding meals will tell you most of just what you need to learn about a successful pairing or at the very least which components the wines go best with.

The minefield.
Zero-in on the leading tastes.

Indian food is distinguisheded by its complex and layered flavors, in short, there’s a whole lot taking place. The exact same goes real of many foods in Asia, Latin America, and the Carribean. It is futile to after that attempt and match all the different tastes to the wine with ONE HUNDRED % precision; as an alternative focus on the meal’s leading taste. If the leading flavor is the char from the grill then match the wine to that. If the leading flvor is tomato, then match the wine to that- this will generate a much higher level of excellence.

The pink truth.
Pink with Pink.

Shrimp, roast beef sandwiches, and specific sushi and sahimi (assume salmon and hamachi) is betuiful with completely dry increased.

The Meursault + sandwich.
The basic vs. complex rule.

If the meals is extremely intricate and exceptionally multi-layered pick a simpler wine. If the meal is instead simple with a couple of dominant flavors then the wine should be multi-layered, expressive and complicated; or else both contend and none gain.

Believe a buttery, deep, profound and ethereal chardonnay with a biryanni or a simple, however delicious, fruity and spice-laden red Zinfandel or Shiraz with a tandoori raan.

The Choice.

Compliment prior to comparison.

It is simpler to compliment the wine wih the meals than to contrast it, although contrasting yields the greatest enjoyment. If the meal has citrus tastes after that the wine should also (think sauvignon blanc). If the wine has tips of cinnamon and gamyness in the nose, then the food must to (believe lamb). A contrast is a much harder manouvre and definalty filled with danger however worth if done right (a chardonnay with mushroom risotto).

The Exception.
Wine adversaries with meals.

There are just particular points in meals, whether they are compunds enzymes or otherwise which have an unfavorable effects ont eh preference of wine; there are points you just can’t match (sort of) and you just need to approve it. Wine enemies are things like artichokes, asparagus, extreme acidity (Salad? Fail to remember) it!, chilies, and sweet taste (like treat; treat wines being the exception, but here, the wine should be sweeter compared to treat for it to function).

There is just one wine on the planet that can tackle artichokes, asparagus and chilies without a problem, and that is the favorite of the minute, dry fino or manzanilla sherry.

The method.
The Chili problem.

The enemy: capsaicin. There is no getting around this (sort of). The dicsion for me is made at the start (especially when I’m in South-East Asia) either a) eat spicy and enjoy it or b) have it moderate and take pleasure in wine with it, or else the local beer will certainly suffice. Chilies, black pepeer etcetera reach with the tannins of red wine often making the wine preference metal and the meals even spicier. There are evry couple of instances where the world could satisfy happliyl (see my note regarding tandoori raan with Shiraz or Zinfandel) and the method here is “affective sweet taste”; or, in other words frutiniess. If you absiluty need to ead really very spicy and demand consuming wine with it then opt for wines whoch are fruitier and off-dry to sweet. The sweet taste balances out the chilies. A sauternes (the sweet wine from the southern region of Bordeaux in France can be remarkable with very spicy meals (believe it or otherwise) and the chilis make the wine less sweet. Yet no matter what, chili and alcoholic beverage at your own threat.

The extremely unlikely.
Practice …

Bear in mind, if in the beginning you fall short, try and attempt again. One of my most fantastic food and wine memories was in New Delhi with the indomitable local wine personality, Sanjay Menon at Dumpukht dining establishment at the Hyatt orderig meal after meal surrounded by virtually a dozen containers of wine; from super-Tuscans to obscure Spanish wines … and the wines paring were great! Burmese lobster bisque? Madeira. Butter chick? HUGE Chardonnay or a Clos Coulee de la Serrant (a strange little wine the Loire Valley’s popular Nicolas Joly). French fries? Sparkling wine! The sky is excess.

The impression.
Follow you palate.

In every little thing, whether a novie or a specialist, your palate will permit you understand whether you have landed on fluid gold, or liquid lead. Trust on your own, you palate is your overview and will hardly ever let you down. At the end of the day it does not matter exactly what I say, or exactly what any one of the world’s selfrighout wine exprts purport to understand. Exactly what matters is that you like it. So if you intend to eat deep-fried chilies with a container of Cheval Blanc, be my visitor, yet do not state I didn’t notify you!

Champagne Revisited

“I refused to think that sparkling wine was a fantasy, totally made up,” she said, pushing a stunning Riedel ‘splendid cru’ champagne stem, the kind that looks much more like a fishbowl-cum-wine glass than one created fizz, to her pouty and elegant lips. “For me it needed to be, it [champagne] should consistently be … a wine.” The lady here name is Beatrice Cointreau (yes that Cointreau) yet a lot more recently she directs the boutique home of Sparkling wine Gosset.


Champagne is as misconstrued as Michael Jackson, and appropriately so. To begin with we’ve familiarized sparkling wine (and here I make the difference in between Sparkling wine, the location, and sparkling wine the wine) as a “conceptual” point; a wine with bubbles. We understand champagne as the wine to commemorate special events (New Year’s or a new gown), thrill a hopeful friend (a.k.a. nail the deal), or coyly sip before the ‘actual’ stuff appears, considering that beer is as well crass at the stale party you go to. Sometimes, at some fashionable apartment or café, one discover traditional ‘vintage’ posters that images a svelte female, in just what is surely a black Chanel wedding gown, while over her floats the header: “l’Istance Taittinger.” For others, bubbly conjures the renowned photo of Marilyn Monroe prancing around with a bottle of Moet & Chandon. This is exactly what champagne is to most of us; attractive, slightly dandy, yet constantly celebratory. This is exactly what, I think, Madame Cointreau indicated by the ‘myth’ of sparkling wine.

Ask the majority of wine fans to tell you a little bit about sparkling wine, the alcoholic beverage, after all comes full with its very own creation belief: Once there was a monk called Dom Perignon who worked and worked whatsoever hours of the continuous confined to a middle ages monastery in the very small and just as middle ages town of Hautvillers. One remarkable spring morning the siblings got monsieur Perignon, obviously every bottle in their cellars had spontaneously exploded. Every container … However one. Exasperated the Dom opened it and took his initial sip of the now bubbly wine (the “initial ever”) and is said to have actually exclaimed “Come, come bros, I’m consuming celebrities!”.


This tale was very carefully crafted in the 20th century by the trade payment assembled after World War II to advertise right stuff, but like lots of other points, was taken as scripture. To today a regal statue of the monk stands outside of Moet et Chandon’s head office in Epernay, and the previous abbey where Dom Perignon resided in Hautvillers (where he, actually, worked vigilantly to get the bubbles out of the red wine created there throughout his time) is now a museum.

And yet few folks, if any, discuss the real Champagne … as in the eponymous spot which actually provided right stuff its name. Possibly it is because the tale of the real Sparkling wine, the area, dotted with gothic hamlets and two-street towns is not elaborate sufficient in this age of single beginning coffees, minimalist-chic resorts, Karl Lagerfeld and impossibly named herbal teas. On the other hand Sparkling wine, the place, is simple, calm, an utilitarian landscape of creeping plants speckled with little towns, bordered by creeping plants. The uniformity of environment-friendly grape-leaves and dark brown trunks function as a serious contrast to the ivory white of the region’s milky soil that makes champagne and Sparkling wine so special. It is in truth this abnormality (the chalk) area’s milky soil, which shields the vines and shields them from untamed swings in the climate. It also emits the sun’s warmth and light back unto the grapes and keeping them relaxing in this north most wine increasing region which is, incidentally, extremely chilly. As a matter of fact Champagne and northern Canada share the same latitude, if it had not been for the inclines which weave via the regions landscapes, and the snow-white ingrained chalk which makes up its foundations, Sparkling wine would certainly be much too cool to grow grapes in any way.

To say “Champagne” is like describing the “hillside stations of India” a region with a myriad of communities and individuals. Irrefutably the capital of Sparkling wine is Reims. Reims (noticable Re-hsse), with the background of the remainder of the area in thoughts, is big and modern comparative. Only a 45minute ride from Paris’ dreadful Garre du Nord placed me in the thick of a city, whose entire preoccupation is bubbly wine. Underneath the city run limitless mazes of caverns called crayères, cut-into a bedrock of chalk, where the wines get their magical effervescent and age. Ahead, Reims is dynamic, the streets broad and lined with luxuriant velvety limestone buildings, somewhat evocative Paris with a bit of Bordeaux performance, radiance a pastel brownish-yellow in the soupy sunlight of dawn. The Rue Jean d’Arc is a specific prominent location with coffee shops, brasseries, and boutiques which vary from an Ãpicerie to a Chanel. Around the bend on Rue Bourriet is the ultra contemporary Lodging de Los angeles Paix, whose chic areas accentuated with cozy dark lumbers and fine lines, is much more evocative of Barcelona and Miami than of Champagne (the spot).

Every one of champagne is made with only 3 grapes deemed ‘honorable’ enough to make right stuff. The triad is composed of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir (yes, a red grape!) and the less respected Pinot Meunier (one more red grape). Unless the champagne states plainly that it is either a Blanc de Blancs (and as a result totally chardonnay) or a Blance de Noirs (completely red grapes) then the wine, clear or otherwise is, commonly, a mix of all 3 grapes. Chardonnay for sophistication and poise, pinot noir for physical body and mystique and pinot meunier for bouquet and breadth, a minimum of that’s the old saying.

In the sleepy Reims mornings, on the edge of the rues Bourriet and Jean d’Arc, a portly man with an everywhere grimace start a business on a small metallic and cement booth. There, before him, on cut ice, is a glimmering variety of fresh oysters, mussels and fish. Among the very best pairings with the area’s wines, and possibly the easiest in deep space, is a gorgeous fresh oyster (skip the cocktail dressing) and a glass of Blanc de Blancs.

Blanc de Blancs is potentially the raciest and sexiest designs of champagne. Blanc de Blancs literally translates into white from whites and as a result purely made up of gorgeous chardonnay. Chardonnay in Sparkling wine is various than the oaky buttery things from California and the New Globe, in fact it is closer to Chablis in vogue and weight. It’s chilly in Champagne and the chardonnay, chose nearly eco-friendly, keeps every one of its all-natural nervy acidity which is typically overran with oak and sun in the rest of the world. The resulting wine sings a higher falsetto (as opposed to the tenor of Australian Chardonnay). Blanc de Blancs are complex with a great light body yet really crisp and lacks any type of “yeastiness” that turns some folks off bubbly. This delicateness is exactly what makes it ideal as an aperitif in addition to making an excellent pairing with less complex foods such as briny shellfishes, also sushi, or anything deep-fried.

An additional extremely different style, which still verges on the unique for most, is the venerable Blanc de Noirs, essentially white from black. The shade in a grape is only skin-deep; if the berries are squeezed and not enable to sit on their skins the resulting juice is pure white, while still preserving the grape’s trademark deep aromas. Here one could go 3 ways: simply pinot noir, only or a mix of both. This design of champagne, deep and broody with aromas that can vary from dried out rose petals to figs in white chocolate, is one of the most intoxicating. They ought to not be drunk as well chilly, however closer c to ellar temperature level (12-15C) and opened up a couple of minutes prior to drinking. Individuals flip out when they see me decanting a container of sparkling wine. I have had many people take a look at me with that pitying face as they ask themselves “… exactly what is that child doing?”


Yes, numerous are bewildered and some straight-out frightened by my custom of decanting particular option champagnes! I uncovered the fine art of decanting champagnes in Champagne! Prior to the revelation of riddling, whereby the sediment of the second fermentation in liquor is gotten rid of, sparkling wine was decanted to divide it from the safe but unsightly gloomy mass of yeast that would certainly sink and adhere to all-time low of the bottle. Before, sparkling wine (the wine) was considerably different that just what it is now, most would not identify it by sampling it. Before the assault of stainless steel fermenters and oceans of over-priced common big-brand sparkling wine the wines for sparkling wine were matured in oak and hefty with Pinot Noir, yielding wines of great strength which like other white wine (like Grand Cru Wine red, The golden state of california Chardonnay and some white Riojas) had to breathe a little and shake-off several of that container exhaustion prior to it blossoms into the lovely wine you paid for. Blanc de Noirs is good with richer meals; Lobster, Foie Gras, as well as some kebabs to add an added start.

How do you drink your whisky?

Question by David M: How do you drink your whisky?
By whisky I mean any type (bourbon, scotch ect) and also what mixers you have with it and why. Also can you say how old you are, I’m 14. I have single malt whisky and have it neat, I find that adding water or ice takes away some of the flavour.
And Queen Bee, why shouldn’t I be drinking at 14? I don’t binge drink every night or drink to get drunk, I respect whisky and drink it slowly.

Best answer:

Answer by Queen Bee
You should not be drinking at 14, but to answer your question I like my whiskey, like I like my men….STRAIGHT!!”

because I think you are too young and what’s there to respect it’s alcohol…but hey “live and let live” but I still think your too young to drink!

Give your answer to this question below!

The Best Dressed Men of the 2014 Golden Globes

Best Dressed: Bradley Cooper


One glance at a few of our favorite performers including Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey and Sean “Diddy” Combs, and it’s quite clear that these fine fellas didn’t want to go unnoticed.
The Wolf of Wall Street star looked dapper in a classic black tuxedo and accessorized with sharp cufflinks by Jennifer Meyer, while Usher opted to wear an oxblood tuxedo and black bowtie by Calvin Klein.


Top Places to eat in Florence

la giostra 33 Top Places to eat in Florence

The city of Florence, in the Italian region of Tuscany, draws crowds from around the world with offerings of famous artistic creations, such as the Statue of David, and warm, sunny weather (even in October!). However, it is in its wonderful dining options that the city really excels, thanks to the wealth of gelaterias, trattorias and restaurants scattered throughout the city. If you’re looking to taste some traditional Tuscan fare, Florence is one of the best and most easily accessible spots for you. To help you choose where to go, we’ve picked four of our favorite places to eat in the city.

La Giostra – Back in 1700 La Giostra was the winter storage place for a carousel located in the Piazza dei Ciompi. Now it’s a typical Tuscan trattoria with a cosy atmosphere that is regularly frequented by celebrities from around the world. A favourite with Florentines and visitors alike, this local gem is hidden from the main routes of the city, but offers a romantic and friendly environment for enjoying the Tuscan specialties on offer. With fine dishes, like the pear and pecorino cheese ravioli or baked seabass, as well as a wide wine selection, this is an ideal spot for slow dining and making the most of your time in the city. For a real treat, try the white truffle pasta.

Gelateria%2520Vivoli Top Places to eat in Florence

Vivoli – Famous for offering some of the best ice cream in Florence, Vivoli is the oldest gelateria in the city. Half of the premises is an ice cream parlour with tables for sitting and enjoying your delicious treats and the other half is a bar for coffees and cakes. Using fresh ingredients to create a vast array of unique and delicious flavours, this is a great spot for tasting the city’s infamous gelato. It’s highly recommended that you also try the ‘semmifreddi’ as well as the ice cream; these frozen desserts offer a mousse-like consistency with rich flavours like amaretto and tiramisu. You can even take part in ice cream making workshops here if you’re looking to find out more about the fine process behind its creation.

Il Cibrèo – One of the most famous trattorias in Florence, Il Cibrèo offers a range of traditional dishes from the ‘poor’ Tuscan cuisine with menus that follow the rhythm of the seasons. You won’t find any pizzas or pastas in this informal eatery, but local, fresh food with a rustic edge. This is a great spot for tasting the region’s delicious seafood and rich meat dishes and the papa al pomodoro soup is a classic dish that is sure to delight. This reasonably priced trattoria is quite small and you can’t reserve so arrive early, or be prepared for a potential wait for your seat.

Trattoria%2520del%2520Cibre%2520o Top Places to eat in Florence

L’Osteria di Giovanni – delicious authentic dishes right in the centre of the city by the Arno river; L’Osteria di Giovanni is a little pricier but perfect for a special occasion or for spoiling yourself on the last day of your trip. The home-made raviolini with porcini mushrooms and cream of truffle is not to be missed and the braised rabbit is rich and delicious. For seafood lovers, the restaurant offers what many consider to be some of the best seafood pasta in the city. L’Osteria di Giovanni restaurant is always packed so book ahead and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.

If you’re looking for more ideas on where to eat and what to do in Florence, take a look at this useful map of things to do in Tuscany as a guide.

Luxury Trends | Luxury Lifestyle Blog | Latest Fashion Trends

Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Haberdashers and the Society of African Headbangers.



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I’m thinking this could be the new this.

THE UNHAPPIEST TOOT EVER: Clearly the terrorists have won. 

DUCK DUCK BOOM: I laughed. And apparently this isn’t even the first time this has happened.

WE’RE GONNA NEED A SALT LICK…because one grain of salt won’t do. Next time you hear about the latest piece of art to shatter records at auction, remember this. Thanks to one of my favorite artists for the tip.



Australian photographer Lincoln Harris takes long term exposures and with the help of the Earth’s rotation, ends up with some stunning images.

PETAL POWER: I totally dig this.

ETYMOLOGICAL FUN PART 1: Because sometimes the English language is lacking where the perfect word is concerned.  Come for the backpfeifengesicht, sympathize with the kummerspeck, identify with the iktsuarpok, and get slugged for one too many mencoleks  (seriously, that #$ %@ gets old).

THE YEAR IN REVIEW: GQ put together a list of trends for the year that just ended.


FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK: This right here. Wow. Just when you think you’ve got a handle on African subcultures, this comes along. I think that Lars and Co. need to get themselves over there and put on one of their big shows. Love this.

UH DUDES…you are totally NOT helping your reputation here. Yikes.

LIFEHACK OF THE WEEK: Well I’ll be jiggered. This seems a bit counterintuitive but what the hell do I know? I’ll answer that: not much in this department.



ETYMOLOGICAL FUN PART 2: Lake Superior State University is back with their annual list of banished words. For the record, I am totally down with numbers 1 – 4, confused by number 5 (what year is this anyway?),  baffled by number 6 (seriously, this of all the words out there?) and mostly meh about the rest.

STAY OFF MY LAWN! Takes one to know one?

ONE MORE REASON…to stick with that New Year’s Resolution, or, more than likely, keep up with your standard operating procedure.

THIS CAN’T POSSIBLY BE A GOOD THING: Seriously. what could possibly go wrong?

AH NUTS: Frankly, I’m not entirely sure this was such a great idea. I have a battered old Red Rider pump action bb gun that sees its share of action where these furry little bastards are concerned. They eat my bird feed AND they wreak havoc in my garden.

BREWSKI SNARK: Chances are you’ve already run across this, but there’s a reason.


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How can I dress better without looking like a tool?

Question by Ike T: How can I dress better without looking like a tool?
I’ve never taken a deep plunge into fashion, so going all out with the latest would not be in my character. I’ll wear skinny jeans, but scarves seem awkward if not for cold weather. I don’t really understand how to use accessories, or colors, or matching. I’m also short, so any advice on short guys dressing trendy would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Jason S
well its great that you are starting to get into the fashion stuff… cause every guy needs to do that
basically you want things to match,
for one article of clothing to match another and for them to match your personality
your shoes should match your belt and your pants should have some colouring that has something to do with your shirt
you dont want things to contrast too much as it will look weird and as if it doesnt fit
i dont use scarves either and thats completely fine
the key is not to follow the trend, but to find a style that fits you and your personality, one that people will recognize and see that you fit perfectly with that type of clothing
as for accessories, basically you can either use them two ways,
one is for personal preference, like if you like one watch then you can wear it everyday with anytype of clothing
you might change your watch every once in a while (like you might wear a leather watch to a formal ball or something)
other accessories for guys include bracelets, some of which just need to match your other accessories and your color of clothing
a necklace will have to be considered by the pendant (if any) and also the length
sometimes if you are wearing a low shirt then you can wear a longer necklace to be closer to the end of the shirt – this is when v0necks come into play
also rings are great
they can be preppy, punk and cool
good luck
but just remember the key is to be yourself and dont do anything too out of hand or makeyou feel uncomfortable

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